Monday, January 19, 2009

If you havent seen someone famous this weekend, you're blind.

Photo by Patrick Ryan.

Life is grand. And since it's 9 a.m. on Monday and I can't sleep a wink why not give you a recap of the festivities so far. But first peep the list of who is in town HERE.

There are so many amazing performances going on in DC right now it's a bit surreal. The weekend madness began on Friday night with quick drinks after work at Vapiano. Then we headed off to Zaytinya for an amazing dinner. Later that night photog god Patrick Ryan threw a kick ass party at 13th and U. The night was pretty much a blur after that, a couple of bottles of champagne and bone chilling cold. I think over the course of the night we went threw about 10 bottles of wine from location to location.

Saturday a little pre-game at a friend's pad up north with the girls and I going to do some thrifting afterwards then it was off to Adele's concert at 9:30 club. That girl's voice is BOOMING. It was wonderful hearing her live which is just as crisp as hearing her on my iPod. And she's hilarious with that British accent.

And so we come to Sunday. The Sunday of all Sundays. I scored a table last minute at 1905 for my friends who are in town and we had a mouth watering meal. You know the food is good when everyone at the table doesnt speak to each other for like 20 minutes as you scarf down bit by bit. I had the sirloin, and they had the scallops and chicken breast. We all were like vultures eating off of each others plates. And then...................................a little light shined down from Heaven and MOBY, yes I said it, MOBY walked into 1905 and plopped down at the table next to ours. As Rachel Zoe says, "I die". So it was a bit hard to focus on the remainder of my meal, though believe me - I finished it.

Next up we pre-gamed at a friend's pad before the MOBY concert. Which just really is amazing that the person who I'm going to see in concert just happens to go to one of my fav restaurants the night of his gig. And so it begins..........................................9:30 club was pi-zacked and we walk in to DJ Will Eastman rippin', literally rippin' the turntables for the set before MOBY goes on. I am certain that my ears are forever damaged because of the base in that place. And like clockwork at 1 a.m. on the dot MOBY took over. The place went nuts literally and you've never experienced a BLISSPOP party like this before. So of course, what happens? About 30 minutes into his set THE POWER GOES OFF. Yes, at 9:30 Club. So here's my question. Don't you people have BACKUP GENERATORS or something? I headed outta there but was elated nonetheless and word on the street has it that the power did come back on and he rocked it out again. But I forgot to tell you the best part. While the power was off they brought out an empty keg, empty water bottles and trash cans and MOBY did an impromptu drum session. Yes, a drum session for like 10 minutes. People went nuts. You would have thought he threw money into the crowd. I can't wait to download these pictures.

So regardless of me getting about five hours of sleep here I type. Taking the house guests to Manifest Hope show in Georgetown this afternoon which you have to see and out for some sushi, then tonight is up in the air but for sure a bar-b-que (in the cold) and The Space for a bit..............................the saga will continue. Did I fail to mention that the parking god's reigned down on me all weekend. I've found a parking spot everywhere I've gone within a block radius. Word.

So Tuesday we'll watch the parade (in the warm hotness) then dinner at Cafe Atlantico and drinks at Co. Co. Sala. I LOVE DC! Later that night we are heading to Brightest Young Things party and to Wonderball. Rest up's gonna be a wild ride. Prost! Jade Floyd

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paprgl said...

It's a zoo out there, isn't it?!? I don't care what political persuasion you are, that is a town full of the famous people right now!