Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Weekend Recap in Pictures

My car hit 50,000 miles this week! It only took four years!

DJ Will Eastman during his set before MOBY

The posse @ MOBY

MOBY's impromptu drum session when the electricity went off @ 9:30

My Wonderball ridiculous outfit minus the hot arm warmers

Craez and I @ Wonderball. Poor hop-along couldn't stand or move all night, but that's what happens when you get hit by a car on cruches

Steph and I @ Wonderball



These two know how to throw a kick-ass party. The boys of Policy Brand and Wonderland

Pre-game @ Vapiano on Friday

Az on a po-go (I think you call it that) stick @ this thrift store

Adele in concert @ 9:30 Club

Kristen and I @ 1905

Stryck's hot ass pre-gaming at his house

Kelly and her girlfriend @ Stryks

Melvin's dope shoes. The side says "Awesome"

Watching the Inauguration from Amit's before the parade

Out view of the parade route from Amit's office. It was amazing!

Our view of the parade from Amit's

Taking pictures on Amit's roof before the Inauguration

Watching the craziness on 14th and K from Amit's rooftop.

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