Friday, January 16, 2009

DC This Week is HOLD until Wednesday
Boy and girls. I've left you in good hands. There are endless parties listed below and tons of restaurant recommendations. I even included maps to get you around the closures this weekend. What more could you ask for?

I'm putting you guys on HOLD until Wednesday as I entertain guests this weekend, hit up some dope parties across the city (some of which sadly I could not post), see a few art openings, peep MOBY in concert, dine at my favorite restaurants and watch the parade from the warmth of a friend's office on Pennsylvania Ave. the day of.

Life is grand! Now I just have decide if I'm taking the bus, metro and driving as far as I can get into the city from Silver Spring on Inauguration day. Decisions. Decisions.

Be safe everyone and remember this as you party during the ultimate five-day weekend.
1. There's always parking somewhere, don't be fooled
2. Always skip to the front of the line or call someone ahead of time to walk you in
3. Dancing on couches is legal in the District
4. Reservations are key

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