Friday, July 1, 2011

4 Things for 4th of July DC This Week Style

Fireworks at The Capitol 2008.

Brightest Young Things hosts a 4th of July Pool Party at Capitol Skyline Hotel. If you haven't embarked on one of their pool parties in your lifetime, you haven't lived - or you just hate hipsters. Either way check out the deets HERE. The party is $15 and I suggest arrive early (I'm not kidding like 11:30 a.m.) to secure the best seats in the house.

Washingtonian gives you a 4th of July guide to the city, from restaurants to the best place to watch fireworks. But we all know the best place to watch fireworks is a dope rooftop at your BFF's house. And if you don't have a friend with a dope rooftop facing south get one ASAP. Checkmark. (A note to readers, under no circumstances travel below Pennsylvania to watch the fireworks, you'll waste half your day getting to and from.)

Grab a picnic basket from Cork Market and venture to your nearest park for some summer fun with friends. Cork is my go-to spot for wine and food. There sandwiches are a bit of a staple and egg salad with bacon will make you slap someone (literally if they try to take it away from you slap their hand). Picnic baskets are $25 or $35 (with wine). Yum. Check out the full spread HERE.

Celebrate the 4th at Lincoln Restaurant (sister to Hudson Restaurant). Their American Dream BBQ Grillout will feature house-made hamburgers and foot-long hotdogs, bbq chicken, and sausages serving up home-made Freedom Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Chili and Cheese Fries alongside fresh Cole Slaw; topping it all off with good-ole American Apple Pie, and Ice Cream. Happy Hour specials, such as the famous $34-special Emancipation Punch Bowl will flow all night long.

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