Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last night MOONBAHTON with Nadastrom at U. Hall Tonight

African flute - (obeyah moombahton edit) by obeyah MOOMBAHTON MASSIVE TRES IS FINALLY HERE!!!  If you’ve been around me within the past month, or at least follow me on twitter, you know I’ve been patiently waiting for this day.  It’s finally here and it feels like A Moombahton Christmas!  Come 9PM, I’ll be opening presents.  We’ve got a supa-heavy-hitter lineup at U Hall tonight, which consists of Dave Nada (the Moombahton King himself), DJ Ayres (The Rub), Billy the Gent & Cam Jus (aka Tropixxx), Uncle Jesse (BMORE REPRESENT!), Obeyah (DC) and Jon Kwest (Philly!).  It’s gonna be absolutely bananas.  On top of all that, Dave Nada’s mom, aka Mama Nada, will be making 200 empanadas for your snacking pleasures.  EMPANADA EXCLUSIVES!  You can find me tonight double-fisting empanadas and trying to dance all up on cute boys. :D But on a more serious note, this is all for our boy Munchi.  A few months ago, when he was in Hawaii, he had this freak seizure caused by a cerebral hemorrhage.  He was in a coma for nine hours and in the hospital for eleven days.  He’s from Rotterdam, so he doesn’t have any health insurance over here so you know how that’s going.  There was a campaign earlier this year to raise money for him to get him back to Rotterdam and to help pay his initial medical bills, and that was a HUGE success.  Moombahton Massive Tres is the next step in fundraising for Munchi, as all money raised tonight will go straight to Munchi’s benefit.  And if you’ve heard any of his tracks, you want him to keep making music.  Trust. Do your homework!  Check the Official Moombahton Headquarters for a really legit article about all the artists tonight.  Also, Nadastrom hooked us up with a free track in celebration for tonight, which you can scoop over at Tittsworth’s site.  The party starts at 9PM tonight and it’s gonna be a doozy for sure.  You might wanna make this.  Everybody you know will be there.

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