Friday, October 30, 2009

NOUVEAU RICHE HALLOWEEN RAVE with special guest VJ & DJ MARK BROWN this Saturday @ DC9

This weekend is going to be a hit. Tonight we are venturing to Mate, Flashpoint Gallery and Little Miss Whiskies. Saturday we're heading over to Social, Gibson and concluding the night at DC9. My outfit is all planned out.........................I'm a black hipster Barbie and rockin' my yellow tutu all weekend long. Don't let it knock you over as I walk by.

So to get the weekend started off right. I leave you with a note from DJ Gavin Holland about this Saturday's bash. It's going to be banana's folks.................................

Nacey, Steve and I have been saving up for months to buy a real, working time machine, and this Saturday we're going to bring it to DC9 for its maiden public voyage, with all pistons set to "1991". We're not sure how accurate the geolocator on this thing is yet, but we're aiming for the general vicinity of London. And having never gone more than 10-15 minutes into the past with it before, a full 18 years should really be something! Remember to wear a costume, because if you show up in 1991 wearing normal 2009 clothes, they will sense something is terribly wrong and try to kill you. Just wear something outlandish and play it cool.

In case you were wondering what the UK rave scene looked and sounded like in '91, please visit the Nouveau Riche blog - the latest post includes a DJ mix with the greatest rave hits of '91, plus a documentary made that year featuring a 20-year-old Liam Howlett (of The Prodigy) making music in his bedroom in his sweatpants.

The best time to arrive at the party Saturday night is at about 9:02pm. Why? Because there's no cover until 10pm, and there's free Sparks as well as free vodka drinks during that time, provided by 42 Below Vodka. Plus that means you get to take in the Halloween Rave start-to-finish! While the rest of this e-mail has mostly been a somewhat lame joke, I do feel passionately about taking in the whole party as an "experience." It is totally fucking awesome, trust me.

Did I mention that this party is sponsored by our good friends over at DURKL? We have a pretty cool special going on with them right now. If you go to the DURKL store tomorrow or Saturday at 443 I (eye) St. NW and buy one of the last Nouveau Riche x DURKL t-shirts for the low low price of $5, you also get into the party for free all night, and you get a CD of the DJ mix we did for DURKL. DURKL DURKL DURKL. Such a good word. They're also doing a sweet Cash & Carry sale during the day from 12-6pm before the rave.

And guess what else - this party is going to look totally awesome all night, because not only do we have in our possession ONE THOUSAND (1,000) glowsticks, we're also bringing in video artist MARK BROWN from Baltimore to do live visuals all night long, PLUS he's dropping a super special DJ set right at the witching hour. Check out his website to see some of the cool art he's made.

See you Saturday.
DJ Gavin Holland

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