Thursday, June 4, 2009

X Art Show in Silver Spring this Friday

88 and X are proud to present a showcase of visual artists that have participated at the infamous X in DC event.

Featured artists include: Jeremy Arn, Tom Block, Scot Bot, Decoy, Thom Flynn, Danny Jean-Jacques, Joe Nicolia, Pat O'Keefe, Lisa-Marie Thalhammer and Kelly Towles. Motion graphic pieces created at X by Kamil Nawratil , Jefferson Liu, John Whitlock and Ege Chelengel will be projected and movies highlighting the monthly series will be rotating on several monitors throughout the venue.

The 'X" Event is a 21st Century live art happening, which brings together creatives from multiple disciplines in one venue. This format creates a dynamically charged environment, inspiring for the artists and attendees. The event had 3 main purposes:

1. Shake up the artistic process through the power of a creatively charged environment
2. Allow attendees to follow the artistic process, giving them an added appreciation for artistic talent.
3. Feature cutting edge talent.

The essence of the event is symbolized through the equation: LIVE ( Electronica + Projections + Art + Fashion + Performance ) + YOU = X

For more information about the exhibit please contact David Fogel:
For more information about X please visit: and

7 to 10 p.m.
Space 88
8211 Mayor Lane
Silver Spring MD 20910

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