Thursday, June 4, 2009

Want to take a dip? Celebrate with Tiffany and Jade this Saturday

Per Jade: I’ve been promoted. A victim of theft ($3 in change) and a broken passenger windshield. I’m strapped for cash paying for the damn windshield and spent wayyyyy too much in San Fran, but had a great trip. Had no keys to my car (with no window) this a.m. so had to take the bus and metro in for an hour and a half commute. And I need water and wine.

Per Tiffany: I've been laid off. Have a dope cupcake company (with orders abundant) and I'm more happy than ever. I move to Colorado in 2 months for grad school. And I need to dance.

Saturday from 1 p.m. to about 5 p.m. we plan on going to Brightest Young Things Pool Party to celebrate life and the complexities thereof. $10 gets you into the pool and they have full bar and food.

-a special preview of Sonic Youth’s new album and giveaways from Matador/4AD
-local bands playing early 90s covers
-inflatable guitar pool floats and more

All drinks $5 or under (sponsored by Imperial vodka), yummy food “buckets” - calamari, wings, and falafel for $4 and a full menu for lunch, dinner, etc, etc, etc

Full details HERE.

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