Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Knew I loved 9:30 Club for a Reason
Picture a Devil’s Food chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla butter-cream, topped with chocolate frosting, dipped in ganache. Then picture yourself devouring it at your favorite music performance. Now picture a 9:30 Club logo sitting atop the luscious treat.

This weekend’s attendees at both sold-out performances by the pop band Cake will get more than they bargained for. For the first time in its 29-year history, the most-attended nightclub in the world, the 9:30 Club, is introducing a 9:30 signature cupcake – and each Cake fan will get to be a cupcake fan, free. Everyone entering the 9:30 Club Friday and Saturday night will get a coupon for one free cupcake. There will be hundreds of cupcakes on hand, so the coupon can be redeemed then and there or at any show through August 31, 2009.

BUZZ Home Logo
But this isn’t your mom’s cupcake. It’s a custom-developed extravagance specially designed for the 9:30 Club by one of the Washington area’s most lauded executive pastry chefs, Josh Short. Beginning May 30th, the 9:30 Club will expand its 50-item menu to include this sweet indulgence, but the planning for its club appearance began nearly a year ago.

After this weekend’s Let Them Eat Cupcake giveaway, the 9:30 Club Specialty Cupcake can be purchased at each show at the food area downstairs and coffee bar upstairs.

Buzz is Neighborhood Restaurant Group's dynamic 35-seat bakery, lounge and coffee shop, located at 901 Slaters Lane in the Potomac Plaza in Alexandria, VA.

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