Monday, April 27, 2009

Last weeks Shecky's winner was a Navy Girl!
So last week I gave away two free tickets and goodie bag tickets to Shecky's Girls Night Out. I asked you readers for a submission on a stellar shopping find in the past few months that you had and tell me about the purchase and what it meant to you.

Michelle Bryan wrote to me with an amazing response and I just had to share with you guys. Michelle works at the Armory here in DC on a small arms range with a bunch of men learning to shoot guns [which in my mind means a lot of eye-candy]. She also works at the Wild Onion in Hyattsville.

Michelle bought a home in Hyattsville recently and that is where her dope shopping finds come in...................

"So far as money savers I have found an establishment called Community Forklift, located off Kenilworth Ave. [in Maryland], that has an abundance of refurbished materials for home owners remodeling their house. It has everything one needs to get a good start on their remodeling projects. Since my entire bottom floor is gutted, I needed a make shift kitchen until my electric and ventilation were complete with inspection and everything. Well I found two sets of nice looking cabinets and counter tops to attach to the top for $60. The cabinets were $25 each and the counter tops were $5 dollars each. I now have a working kitchen that makes my kitchen feel very homey. A woman without a kitchen to cook in, is a frazzled lady and I am extremely applicative for the community forklift."

So congrats to Michelle and I had the pleasure of having happy hour with her at Poste last week during their garden party and it was lots-o-fun. If you too have a home you are trying to fix up check out Community Forklift!

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