Monday, March 9, 2009

Bartending 4 Change this Wednesday
Bartending 4 Change will be serving it up for the non-profit Interstages on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, starting at 6:30pm, at Garrett's Restaurant & Railroad Tavern ( There will be an optional $5 donation at the door and all tips earned by the Bartending 4 Change charity bartenders will go directly to Interstages. The happy hour will of course involve specials, raffle prizes, and loads of fun!

Bartending 4 Change is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that raises money for DC charities through special events and happy hours. The concept is simple - Bartending 4 Change selects a charity to host at one of its events held at local bars and restaurants - and all the tips go to the selected charity. Aside from raising money for charities, Bartending 4 Change 1) creates an environment for networking amongst charitable-minded groups and individuals in the greater DC area, 2) raises awareness of community issues and generates interest in community service, and 3) allows for charities to recruit volunteers for its future aspirations.

Interstages provides opportunities for early adolescents in low-income neighborhoods to discover talents, develop and strengthen skills, and heighten self-awareness, setting the stage for a successful transition into young adulthood. The organization specifically supports 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-graders as they navigate this challenging stage and make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. Interstages not only helps each student create and implement detailed academic plans but also monitors and supports student progress toward personalized goals. At Interstages, students focus on the arts in historical and cultural context, so they begin to connect to history and view arts as both social indicators and tools for social change.

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