Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning the perfect Super Bowl party! has a great article on how to throw the ultimate super bowl bash. But my suggestions if you wanna get out of the house are Hudson's, Ben's Next Door, Sign of the Whale, Jordan's 8, or Nellies to watch the game. Here are some of their tips below. But if you're smart boys, have the girls plan the big day, that way you can just sit back and enjoy the game. Read the full article HERE. Their tips:
  • After you call your closest friends and family, and confirm their attendance, think about inviting some peripheral people to liven up the atmosphere. You could call the secondary friends who are fanatical about football or co-workers you'd like to incorporate into your "posse."
  • Put up banners of the competing teams on your wall or hang streamers bearing the team colors. You can find a slew of cool knick-knacks to adorn your TV room as well as Super Bowl paper plates, tablecloths and other decorative things for the kitchen.
  • In order to appease these couch potatoes, concentrate first on the snacks. The standard chips and dip should appear on your kitchen table, right next to a healthy serving of nachos.
  • The main meal should be simple, filling and unhealthy. Super Bowl staples include pizza, Buffalo wings and chili. If you decide to order out for a pie or any other food, remember to call at least an hour ahead since Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest nights for delivery-based restaurants.
  • To go with the food, you have to have BEER and for the ladies, a bit of wine. Because of the sheer amount that is usually drunk at these gatherings, make your party a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). Tell guests to bring six-packs or get them to pitch in for a keg -- there's nothing like an endless flow of brew on tap.
  • Continue making life easier for yourself by using an array of disposable items to serve and eat your meals from. To make clean up easier, use plastic cups, plates and utensils. Of course, napkins should be readily available so that, in the event of a spill, help is close by.
  • To elevate your party from good to great, you'll need to have some solid technology on hand. TESTING 1, 2, 3 the night before is key.

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