Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Matters Hosts Blind Wine Tasting this Saturday in Alexandria

Food Matters
This is the second of their blind tastings at Food Matters. Don't worry-no experience is required. At each tasting they will pour four wines made from the same grape and let you guess what you are tasting.

Adventurous types can guess the grape, country, vintage, and price of the wine and get their chance at winning the bottle of their choice to take home. Each tasting will feature a different grape so no cheating can take place. This tasting is not only fun but encourages you to use your instinct when tasting wine and think about factors such as color, nose, and style without the distraction of notes to tell you what to think.

Then they reveal each wine and discuss them after they are tasted. This event is not meant to be intimidating so come and learn about wine in a whole new way. Thanks to The List Are You On It for the skinny.

$20 per person

Food Matters
4906 Brenman Park Drive
Alexandria, Virginia
For reservations and information, call 703.461.3663.

Food Matters - 4906 Brenman Park Drive, Alexandria, VA at Cameron Station

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