Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DC Charity Spotlight: My Sister's Place. Consider the gift of philanthropy this Christmas

$150: free counseling for a domestic violence survivor for 2 months;
$500: food for a family of 4 for 1 month;
$1200: safe shelter for a survivor for 6 months

Each year thousands of battered women find what they need inside a lipstick tube – a printed safety plan telling them where to find help. Offering sanctuary for abused women and children through a confidential emergency shelter and two transitional housing programs (including the region's first and only one exclusively for immigrants), My Sister’s Place provides immediate safety, counseling, and assistance with legal protection and supportive services. A therapist works with children (made homeless by a parent's abuse) and parenting classes are available for mothers. An emergency services program provides high-quality, short-term therapy and case management for victims who cannot come to the shelter. Training programs for medical personnel, clergy, and police help them respond appropriately to domestic violence, providing the necessary education to help prevent its repetition. Over 100,000 women and children have turned to MSP - the area's first and oldest shelter of its kind - seeking help and sanctuary from violence. If this powerful fact moves you, please lend a hand. Nichelle A Mitchem,
Executive Director

PO Box 29596
Washington, DC 20017

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