Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On My Radar: 10 Restaurants and Bars You Must Try in DC This Week

At DC This Week my fridge stays full.....with take out. That's because DC is home to some of the nation's top notch eateries all waiting for your culinary adventures. So here are the Top 10 restaurants the fiancee and I have ventured to lately that deserve your time and your tongue. 

10. Convivial -  it's no wonder we loved this place. It is the newest opening from Chef Cedric Maupillier’s of the famed Mintwood Place we frequent.  After a sampling of about 10 menu items from Convivial we left in a food coma and wanting more. Pictured above is their Vanilla Crème Brûlée. (Convention Center)

9. The Chickery - the new fried chicken joint #StraightOuttaToronto with a location in Dupont and tasty sauces you wish you could horde in your purse. (Dupont)

8. Left Door - a non pretentious 2nd floor speakeasy bar just off of 14th Street with craft cocktails galore and a cheese plate that will make you fight over the last piece with your table guests. (14th Street)

7. Songbyrd another neighborhood love, they recently expanded to the space next door and debuted a more complex menu. Also great for late night recording and listening sessions if you fancy tunes. (Adams Morgan)

6. Coppi's  Organic  - an oldie, but goodie Italian joint that relocated from U Street to Cleveland Park. An absolute must try if you crave fresh pasta and authenticity. It's so damn good we even Postmate it to the house out of pure laziness and joy. (Cleveland Park)

5. DC City Smokehouse - Meat, meat and more meat, but also excellent sides like their cheddar Jalepeno grits and fried onions. I learned they are fantastic at catering too this weekend where I picked up the sampler platter for 20 guests. They have easy pick up in Wicked Bloom (their temporary location on North Capitol) which also deserves a nod on this list.

4. Masseria - with 3, 4 or 5 course menu options foodies are flocking to this H Street hot spot. The service is impeccable (they can read your mind before you even know you want it), presentation on point, and their outdoor lounge makes for a cozy date-night spot by the fire. (H Street)

3. Takodo Beer & Whiskey Garden - a garden in the sky, we came across this gem this week. With roughly 50 whiskies available, we hope this U Street bar will remain a secret just for us (wishful thinking). (U Street)

2. Sotto - step into this basement oasis for cocktails, live jazz and Afro-funk, plus a menu featuring smoked meats. (14th Street)

1. Crisp Kitchen & Bar another staple from Jamie Hess, the restaurant is getting major kudos because of two words "Hot Chicken", plus Hess plans to debut their brunch menu in the near future. (Bloomingdale)

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