Monday, March 9, 2015

Newest obsession.... wine concierge services from DCanter on Capitol Hill

My newest obsession - wine concierge services from DCanter on Capitol Hill. Adding to my WineAwesomeness monthly subscription and weekly jaunts to the wine store, DCanter is DC's newest wine and beer boutique located on the Hill on my radar. The store recently launched a monthly wine delivery service of 6 or 12 bottles that fit within your budget delivered right to your door. How's does it work? 

  • Sign up HERE.
  • Have a quick phone chat with their team about your wine preferences, price points, what you like to eat, regions you enjoy and varietals you like.
  • Pick your next delivery date
  • Open your door when they ring and enjoy your wine! 

Co-owner Michelle Lim Warner and her team drop off a delightful selection of wines to your front door that include's tasting notes with each selection.  Skipping months or requesting additional bottles is a breeze and DC residents receive free delivery. Cheers to that! 

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