Friday, September 5, 2014

Dîner en Blanc Took Over Yard's Park Last Night

The sun setting along the Potomac as a crew team rowed past the diners.

Last night 1,300 Washingtonians adorned in their best whites trekked to the District's inaugural Dîner en Blanc. At 5 p.m. on the dot guests rallied at nearly a dozen metro stops across the city, armed with their tables, chairs, linens, flatware, champagne flutes, center pieces and picnics as they headed to the secret location for the night - Yard's Park. 

The night was certainly "très chic" and filled with libations, jubilation and anticipation for the culinary feasts (provided by guests). There were just a few key rules to follow which attendees honored (well most):
  • Bring a table, two (white) chairs, picnic basket (gourmet picnic dinners were available for purchase), proper stemware, flatware, and china
  • Purchase wine or Moet champagne for your guests on site
  • Wear white and have white table clothes
  • Arrive and depart by organized meeting locations and instructions (no taking Uber's like we did, opps!)
  • And leave with your belongings, leftovers and litter
The coordination was a true reflection of the spirit of the event. Hosted by Linda Davis, Bryer Davis and Justin Ross, Dîner en Blanc capitalized on the global sensation that has hit cities such as Paris, New York, London, Philadelphia and many more. Now in it's 26th year Dîner en Blanc has brought together tens of thousands of diners in secret locations with the sole purpose to share a good meal and take in your city's picturesque locations. The phenomenon began in 1988 in Paris and was launched by François Pasquier and a handful of friends. Check out the photo recap of the event below and sign up for notifications of the future event with costs just $35 HERE.  Watch the documentary on the worldwide event HERE.

DJ Neekola rocked a pair of retro boots and her signature wigs.

As the sun set, guests enjoyed the architectural designs of Yard's Park.

A comfy place to relax in the media tent overlooking the Potomac.

Guests poured in by the hundreds with all the pieces to set up their tables.

Moet provided the Champagne, while guests also purchased other wines on site.

Champagne on ice provided by Moet Chandon.

The sun setting over the park.

Guests Adra Williams and Fran Holuba. 

Just before sunset along the boardwalk.

The night was in full swing with the city in the background.

Guests trekking the quarter-mile from the metro to the secret location.

Skulls were welcomed.

A gorgeous spread provided by the organizers. 

Moet Chandon treated their VIP guests to the tent overlooking the boardwalk.

Time for set up.

These flowers grew in just seconds!

Champagne towers overlooking the Potomac.

Endless white as guests prepared to dine.

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