Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming Soon: Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure Hosts HOPE Documentary Film Premiere August 7th

I first heard the story of Maria Parker last year. A world record-holding endurance cyclist Maria Parker, biked 3,000 miles across America (250-350 miles per DAY) to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research and Accelerate BrainCancer Cure (ABC2)

This was part of the grueling Race Across America (RAAM) 2013 to raise $1 million for brain cancer research on behalf of her sister, Jenny, and all those affected by  brain cancer. I've known two people in my life who have passed away from brain tumors and have witnessed firsthand the work that ABC2 has done to partner with  entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers to find a cure for brain cancer.  

Maria, a Northern Virginia native, undertook a 3,000 mile bike race to honor her sister’s battle with brain cancer.  An accident that destroyed equipment and devastated rider and crew could  not stop the team.  She rode on to the greatest comeback in the world’s toughest race.

On August 7th join Maria  at the Goethe-Institut Washington for the DC premiere of the HOPE documentary - a story about hope in the face of terminal illness and Maria Parker's incredible 2013 Race Across America.  It is about refusing to accept impossible.  Watch the film trailer below or HERE.  Tickets for the premiere can be purchased online for $35 HERE or you can attend the VIP premiere and cocktail reception with Maria for $100 HERE.

Brain cancer is the leading cause of tumor cancer deaths among children and young adults.  There are more than 600,000 people in the U.S. today with a brain tumor diagnosis, and another 66,000 new diagnoses are expected this year.  It is a uniquely challenging disease that is not only in need of additional attention, but also an increase in strategic, focused research funding.

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