Monday, April 23, 2012

13 Street Meats: Providing Food Comas Throughout the District

This weekend we stocked up on sausages from DC-based 13 St. Meats. The local purveyor specializes in handmade sausages, including: 
  •  Halfsmokes $10
  • Lemon-Basil Chicken $8
  • Spicy Italian $8
  • Roasted Poblano (pork) $10

Today my meat coma has set in after a dinner of spicy Italian with grilled veggies and a breakfast of the lemon-basel chicken on toast with jam. Their products are not sold in stores, but several DC restaurants and bars (below) grill their products and you can pick up an order by emailing Each order comes in vacuum packs of 4 links.

  • The Pug (1234 H St NE)
  • Breadsoda (2233 Wisconsin Ave NW)
  • Pharmacy Bar (2337 18th St NW)
  • Dodge City (917 U St NW)
  • U St Music Hall (1115A U St NW)
  • Black Cat's Food For Thought Cafe (1811 14th St NW)
  • Cajunator Food Truck (
  • William Jeffrey's Tavern (301 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA)
  • DC Brau Brewery (3178 Bladensburg Rd NE) the first Saturday of each month

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