Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Portugal in Photos: My tour of the Douro Valley

I've returned from 10 days of travel in Portugal on a fab wine tour of the Douro region hosted by the IDVP. We tasted our way through hundreds of red, white and Port wines from across the region. All crafted by winemakers who have mastered the art of Portuguese wines for generations. I invite you to take a tour with me on a photo journey HERE.

The trip was delightful and we toured and stayed at the most gorgeous estates across the Valley including Quinta da Gricha where we met with winemaker Johnny Graham, Quinta do Bonfim as we were whisked down the river and stayed with the largest landowner in the valley Rupert Symington, Quinta do Infantado with Joao Roseira and the picturesque Quinta de Sao Jose with the Joao Cunha and his family.

The Douro Experience was just that as we tasted 50 wines in one morning at Quinta da Faisca and spent the evening at Quinta do Bom Retiro where we treaded grapes and were wooed by the winemaker at his family estate. We concluded the tour with a visit to the Douro Boys at Quinta Vale D. Maria and dined with winemaker Cristiano and Joanna Van Zeller at their mountainside villa and popped in to Pocas, J.H. Andresen and Calem for a tour of their Port lodges.

I'm 10 lbs. heavier and certainly added that much weight to my luggage with wine we acquired throughout the week. From our 1890 Port tasting to our stay in the luxury 5-star Yeatman Hotel for several days, it's a trip I will never forget and I was happy to host 10 journalists from across the U.S. on this tour of the one-of-a-kind Douro region.

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Luís Branquinho Pinto said...

Hi jade.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed your trip to Douro Valley.
Please come back. You should go further to the east. There are excelent wines there. Furthermore you will see a even more wild and special landscape. Don't forget to visit the Coa Valley paleolithical rock art. I ensure you it would be a great experience.
Douro Valey needs help to get known worldwide and your words and pictures were very important to achieve that goal. Thank you.