Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Celebration at the Zoo this Friday and Tips on How You Can Save!


Come to the National Zoo to celebrate Earth Day from noon to 2 p.m. The perfect lunch break!


Recycling is great, but reusing is even better! Find out how to turn newspaper into a plant pot and take home your own. You'll make a pot, fill it with soil and drop in some seeds—when you get home you can put it right into the ground.

Meet the National Zoo's Green Team

Talk to members of the Zoo's Green Team and learn about the Zoo's green achievements. See examples of how we're putting sustainability into practice in our exhibits, food service, gift shops, horticulture, water use, and even our coffee!

Stop by and get your free sticker.

Recycle at the Zoo

FONZ has partnered with an outside company to collect and recycle Zoo visitors' cell phones, batteries, and accessories. For many working cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, calculators, Apple laptop computers, gaming devices, and external drives—FONZ will get money to support conservation! All other devices will be recycled under strict environmental guidelines, keeping hazardous materials from reaching landfills and harming human and environmental health.

Bring all materials to be recycled to the front desk in the Visitor Center.

What Else You Can Do to Make a Difference

Find out about simple daily actions you can take to enjoy a more environmentally friendly lifestyle: get our Green Tips.compact fluorescent bulbs; reduce how often you mow your lawn; reduce your junk mail; Get more junk mail reduction tips HERE. reduce your hot-water use by taking shorter showers and setting your washing machine to wash with only cold or warm water; reduce your summer cooling and winter heating with insulation, window treatments, and thermostat adjustments; reduce the amount of food you buy that is not grown locally; reduce your consumption of meat; and reduce the feeling that there's nothing you can do to make a difference. Reduce the stuff in your life and the stuff (packaging) that your stuff comes in; reduce how much you drive.

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