Monday, March 7, 2011

Quiet Mind Yoga Workshops this Month in Columbia Heights

CLICK HERE to register for classes. Classes are $35 to $40.

Hip openers with Daniel Hickman
Sat 3/12/2011
The hips are not only the place for the legs to pivot from, but are also the base that cradles the upper body. Swadisthana, the 2nd chakra, is located here and its element is water. So, the hips will often dictate how “fluid” one can move. For some, their hips might be “frozen,” for others their hips might be moving only in one particular “current.” This workshop will focus on specific movements and asanas that help bring balance to the 22 muscles that are associated with this very important area of the body.

Benefits include: alleviation of back, thigh and sciatic pain, improved ease of physical performance, and the increase of circulation of prana-energy and blood to the digestive and sexual organs. No experience is necessary to attend this vital workshop. Throughout the two hours spent you will carefully and curiously examine and tune in to the center of mobility your human body. You will walk away a different person!

Introduction to Thai Massage - Part II with Gracy Obuchowicz
Sun 3/13/2011
Come and learn how to give a truly relaxing Valentine's Day present through a Thai yoga therapy workshop. Steeped in asian wisdom and the yogic practice, Thai yoga therapy combines meditative breathing, deep stretching and acupressure massage to give a full-body relaxation with many health benefits. This "passive yoga" has been practiced for thousands of years to achieve a state of well-being and has many energetic and physical benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

During this highly-interactive workshop, we'll discuss the origins and philosophy of the practice, warm up with some gentle asana, and then begin learning the art of Thai yoga therapy. We'll pair off to learn and practice giving each other a Thai yoga therapy treatment, focusing on the feet, hips and shoulders. This kind of massage is done completely clothed on a padded surface so please wear comfortable yoga clothes and bring your yoga mat.

Find Your Balance (On Your Feet and Your Hands)!
 with Chrissy Carter
Sat 3/19/2011
Balance is the ability to fall in every direction at once. Our foundation sets the stage for everything else, creating a steady, easy practice and a flexible mind. Stabilizing our base allows us to suspend ourselves in space. We'll learn how our connection to the floor gives us the tools we need to balance. Playing with different relationships to gravity, we'll balance on our feet and our hands with power and a sense of humor.

All About Backbends with Chrissy Carter
Sun 3/20/2011
Deepen your backbending practice though a balance a softness and stability. Learn how the work of the upper back and legs facilitate the opening of the chest and groins. Revisit simple backbends with new perspective and then dive into deeper backbends with playfulness and an open heart.

AcroYoga FUNdamentals with Lisa Molinaro
Sat 4/23/2011
All levels, all ages, all people are welcome to join the AcroYoga Community. AcroYoga is the fusion of the mindfulness of Yoga, the dynamic energy of Acrobatics and the loving-kindness of Thai Massage. This workshop will provide a safe environment to explore elements that will invigorate your sense of strength, flexibility and trust while in a group setting. Teachers will draw upon creative flows to tap into trust and compassion through: circle asana, partner yoga flow, assisted inversions, flying partner yoga, foundations of partner acrobatics and therapeutic Thai massage. After enjoying a sample of the many elements of the practice you will have first hand experience of what makes up AcroYoga. Come support and be supported. No yoga experience required. All levels. No partner necessary.

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