Monday, February 21, 2011

Tuesday night DC 48 Go Green Premiere Screenings at AFI in Silver Spring

The 48 Hour Film Project

Tickets are $11 HERE. Learn more about the 48 Hour Film Project HERE. Featured Films:
  • Awesomer, Julia Nagel
  • Burning House Society, Michael McConnell
  • cardsharque, chris keener
  • Conservatory Productions, Nan Ficca
  • East West Films, Diana Villamonte
  • K3WL Productions, Marianna LaFollette
  • Karma vs Mojo, Michael Panfeld
  • MANTICORE, Sam Shank
  • Moustache Motion Pictures, Daryl Jacob
  • New Muse Films, Hsien Lee
  • Non-Prophets, Graham Marsden
  • Pix R Us, Caris Penzien
  • Revolver Films, Chris Hale
  • Scio Films, Charles Ovando
  • To Be Determined, Jonathan Jarrett
  • Woge Sloth, Will Trebach

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