Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Loving Memory of My Friend Shannon Pivoriunas

Exactly one week ago my friend Shannon Pivoriunas passed away in her sleep at her home in Virginia. Shannon and I shared a vast amount of memories together and she was a wonderful woman, friend, sister daughter and fiancee. She breathed life into the room and was one of the most positive and energetic souls I ever met. I had not seen her is many months and during my time away in Thailand she sent me a short note to say hi and that was the last time I heard from her. Shannons passing was a shock to us all, especially her dear fiancee Elliot. Shannon love - you are missed by your family and your friends and you brought so much joy to those around you. And you should be remembered for your philanthropic spirit, time volunteering at the National Zoo every week, palette for a good glass of wine, supporting ART BUZZ and the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative with wine donations for two years, dinners out, happy hour, time on the river, afternoons by the lake, being able to park a Jeep in a space the size of a mail box, stellar looks,and your love for your family and Elliot. I could call on you for anything at any hour. I love you girl. PIV in the VIP. RIP. Jade


Debbie said...

Jade: what a wonderful memorial for Shannon. God Bless you!
Debbie Schmidt, Shannon's Cousin

Anonymous said...

This is good Jade. Thanks-


Mac said...
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Mac said...

I only met her once, but we shared good wine and a good laugh. Oh What A Night