Monday, October 4, 2010

Live Green DC Winners Announced

DC This Week and Live Green held a competition last month and offered three lucky readers FREE membership cards to Live Green retail partners across the city. The entries are in and winners announced! Congrats to Mari E., Kev G. and Laura W. for winning a Live Green membership. Below you can check out some of the many ways DC This Week readers who entered are working to Live Green in the District.

  • I ride my bike to work at least three times a week to avoid using the bus or my car. It keeps me in great shape and I often can make it much faster than if I drove anyway. Mari E.
  • Every single wine bottle in our home is recycled. And believe me, it's a lot wine wine bottles each month! Laura W.
  • I live with 4 housemates and its mandatory in our house that we all recycle plastic, paper and bottles. We've all actually become a bit competitive about it and there have been a couple of roomate yelling matches when someone sees something that should be recycled in the trash. Kev. G.
  • I turn off the air and all lights when I leave the house. It's actually made our electricity bill about a fourth of what it would be if we just left it on all day. Steph A.
  • I try not to use any lights when I'm home during the day and keep all of the blinds open to windows. Also, I'll often keep the windows open to let the air flow and not have to turn on the AC in the summer. Diane W.
  • My fiancee and I try to stay in green hotels when we travel. It's kind of hard, but in San Fransisco we stay at the Orchard Garden Hotel and in various cities we stay in Kimpton Hotels because of their green friendly practices. Jennifer T.
  • All of our left over veggie and fruits go into compost for our tiny little garden behind our condo that the whole building shares. Cassie H.
  • I'm a teacher and in my classes each week I hold a competition for students to see who can bring in the most plastic bottles for recycling. I take them each week back home to our recycling bin and the kids win cool things like pencils, stickers and buttons that all have recycling themes on them. They feel very special if they win for the week and I keep a tally of all of the winners on a poster for them to see. Pamela R.
  • I work at NOAA and I live green every day by reducing my carbon emissions through making marginal but important changes in my life such as using green cleaning supplies at home, growing my own veggies, being a pescatarian, and walking a lot. Amit M.
  • I work in a major hospital in DC and encourage my peers around me to recycle cans and plastic bottles. Maneesh J.

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