Friday, October 22, 2010

DC Charity Spotlight: Art Relief International

So as most of you already know, I'll venture to Thailand in December for about a month to volunteer for
Art Relief International (formally Cultural Canvas Thailand). ARI is an artistic outreach organization that works with a wide range of social groups and humanitarian organizations in Chiang Mai. I will spend my time working with groups of disabled children, refugees, indigenous hill tribe groups, single mothers and orphans.

I've spent the last few months collecting art supplies to take with me and I wanted to post a final note and let you all know that I am still accepting art supplies! If you would like to donate art supplies (or even a gift certificate to a local D.C. art store) you can email me at .

ARI is a program designed to cultivate creativity for children who are facing difficult societal challenges. Your donation of art supplies will be donated directly to the program for the volunteers and teachers to use.

I greatly appreciate all of the support thus far. You can read an article on the program and my efforts HERE. And you can learn more about Art Relief International through their volunteer blog HERE. It's been a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this volunteer abroad program and I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the projects, kids and my travels in Thailand via DC This Week while I'm away. Cheers. Jade

Pictured above: Current ARI volunteers working with children at the
Baan Vieng Ping Orphanage

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