Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Live Green DC Giveaway. Win a FREE Membership and Test your Green IQ

Live Green is DC This Week’s newest partner. And to celebrate they are offering three lucky readers FREE membership cards. Live Green makes eco-friendly living and business practices easier and more affordable in D.C. They are a membership organization that provides support to green businesses in the local community and secures great discounts on everyday green products and services for consumers. For the full list of LIVE Green partners CLICK HERE.

Want to win a FREE membership from Live Green and DC This Week? Email me your answers to the below questions and test your Green IQ. All entries must be received by Friday at midnight to with Live Green in the subject line.

The most common source of renewable energy in the world is:

a. Solar

b. Wine

c. Geothermal

d. Hydroelectric

The energy saved by recycling a can of Coke could run a TV for:

a. 15 minutes

b. 30 minutes

c. 2 hours

d. An entire day

The U.S. uses nearly $X million worth of energy every minute.

a. One

b. Twenty

c. Fifty

d. One

The average American generates X pounds of trash every day, which is almost twice the amount of trash the average American produced daily in 1960.

a. 1

b. 4.5

c. 7

d. 10

*****Tell us in one sentence how you live green!

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