Monday, August 2, 2010

DC Charity Spotlight: Through The Kitchen Door International

Through the Kitchen Door uses food as the fuel for economic development and family stability -- providing culinary, life skills, career, and wellness education to the area's neediest populations. Beginning with Healthy Family Kitchen, culinary trainees learn the basics of fresh ingredients, good nutrition, and sanitary practices, while they also learn to cook healthy and flavorful meals. After school, Teens Get Cooking teaches nutrition, food safety, recycling, and of course tasty cooking; self-confidence, grounding, and organizational and social skills are also on the menu. Graduates can proceed to Earning While Learning, where they receive instruction in preparing fine catered foods; earn wages in the commercial kitchen; learn discipline, responsibility, and creativity; and prepare for jobs in the food industry. Classes and activities are also offered at health fairs, community meetings, and farmers' markets, and programming is supported with revenue from the fine catering service. Through the Kitchen Door brings families together over new recipes and healthy eating choices, nourishing body and mind, heart and will. You can help keep their door open and their table spread. CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE.

WISH LIST: $500: ingredients for 1 cooking workshop; $1000: 100 hours of paid advanced training through Earning While Learning; $5000: 1 Healthy Family Kitchen workshop for 15 women

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