Thursday, May 13, 2010

MID CITY Artist Studeo Tours Coming May 22nd and 23rd

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Plan your visits in advance by flipping through the artists' pages to see what you like, who is new, and who is participating. Download the map to guide you along. Please visit our business supporters -- they are gems to support our efforts.


Who are the Mid City Artists?
They are a diverse and talented group of nearly 40 professional artists who have come together for the purpose of promoting their art and the Dupont/Logan neighborhoods in Washington DC that they call home. Everyone seems curious about how artists fit their act of creation into busy schedules that often include fulltime jobs and families – and spaces that may also double as dining rooms or basements, garages or carriage houses.

The lack of industrial space in DC makes large, open warehouse space for studios unattainable, and these local artists have carved out niches in unexpected ways. The twice-yearly open studios allows visitors to see where the artists create and get first-hand look at their most current work.

Participating Artists Include:

Sondra N. Arkin
Chuck Baxter
Jody Bergstresser
Tanja Bos
Jane Cave
Groover Cleveland
Robert T. Cole
Susan Cole
Robert Dodge
Thomas Drymon
Gary Fisher
Glenn Fry
Charlie Gaynor
Charlie Jones
Betsy Karasik
Hannah Naomi Kim
Bridget Sue Lambert
Joren Lindholm
Regina M. Miele
Lucinda F. Murphy
Mark Parascandola
Rebecca Perez
Dave Peterson
Brian Petro
Mary Beth Ramsey
Ronald Riley
Peter Alexander Romero
Nicolas F. Shi
Richard Siegman
George H. Smith-Shomari
Isabelle Spicer
Bill Warrell
Mike Weber
Robert Wiener
Colin Winterbottom

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