Monday, March 15, 2010

AEROPLANE with Beautiful Swimmers at U. Street Music Hall this Wednesday

It is going to be bananas! U. Street Music Hall will launch its first show with Brussels- based AEROPLANE and DC-based Beautiful Swimmers this Wednesday. Talk about Wednesday wax sessions. Tickets are $10 HERE. I'm hitting this up after AIR at 9:30 Club. Tickets for that show are $40. It will be a whimsical Wednesday. U. Street Music Hall is the brain child of DJ's Tittsworth and Will Eastman (and a few other DC music icons which will remain nameless). Kudos to Jesse and Will for making this happen and bringing more music goodness to the District.

And pictured above, DJ Will Eastman gives you a sneak peak at the DJ booth at U. Street Music Hall and the dance floor below.

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