Friday, February 26, 2010

"Unleashed” week coming to DC this March with more than 100 DC Restaurants Participating

unleashed promo cartoon livewebsize.jpg

RAMW announces “Unleashed” Restaurants! There are over 100 listings offering specials for “Unleashed” week, March 1 through 7.

“This will be a great way for patrons to ‘unleash’ the pent up dining passions that have been so constrained over this winter,” said Lynne Breaux, President of RAMW. “And it’s not just dining; this is also about social contact, conviviality, decompression and so much more that we tend not to think about until it is taken away. Think of our “Unleashed” week as an intense, really big, group therapy session.”

This promotion is simple and sweet: participating restaurants have sent RAMW a short description of their “Unleashed” week special with their contact info and website link. The resulting list is accessible from the above link. Specials will run the gamut – something for everyone.

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