Wednesday, January 6, 2010

VASTU welcomes the work of Colin Winterbottom and Gabriel Shuldiner

Colin Winterbottom

Featured among the dramatic, atmospheric photographs Colin Winterbottom shows are a series taken as he documented refurbishment of the pediments at the National Archives headquarters in Washington, DC.

Gabriel Shuldiner’s work uses his idea to mix unmatchable elements, slash boundaries, and create tensions between opposites. Simply put, his work is a (re)investigation of material and process, modes of production, and analysis. Gabriel highlights the subtle nuance of surface, support, space, form, density and mass, examining the role that context and perception play in visual experience. He explores a multitude of (sub)culturally relevant and timeless themes, among them nothingness, isolation/solitude, the transitory nature of things, the sublime, and the absurd.

Stop in today shop Vastu and preview both of the artists newest works.

1829 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
When: now - Feb 8, 2010

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