Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paper. Plastic. Or Canvas?
In case you haven't been to the grocery store this year, don't be shocked when you receive a 5 cent charge for each plastic bag you require at checkout. Luckily, as a frequent shopper at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's I rarely have that problem and I always re-use those bags for trash later in the week.

In fact, I'm pretty anti-plastic bags and haven't bought trash bags since college. So jump on the green train and invest in a few canvas totes like these shown to take to the grocery store. Giant and Safeway also sell re-usuable totes at 99 cents for patrons.
Learn more on the new law HERE.

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Observer said...

Restaurants don't use the canvass bags because of food safety/liability issues. The tax is stupid because the pollution comes from Prince George's County to the north.