Thursday, January 14, 2010

Curious Grape to host FREE Wines Of Spain's Sherry Region tasting this Saturday

Easily the world's most misunderstood wine region, Sherry produces the kind of wines you could be enjoying right now! Following by popular demand on the heels of last month's Port tasting, Saturday's FREE in-store Sherry Seminar takes you on a fascinating, whirlwind tour of this ancient and incredible region. Founded by the seafaring Phoenicians around 1100 BC, the Sherry region is located in Spain's deep south, just north of Gibralter, where the hot, Mediterranean sun pounds the bright white, chalky soil.

Fairly complicated to the point of confusing many otherwise adventurous wine drinkers, Sherry comes in an incredible variety of styles, from totally bone-dry to pancake syrup sweet. Tonight's seminar features a fabulous, guided tasting of the whole range to show just how versatile and food-friendly these wines are. Reserve now and sample:

  • A classic, dry, briny Manzanilla Sherry, aged in the sea-splashed village of Sanlucar de Barrameda, paired with the savory Majorero, a seldom-seen cheese from the Canary Islands
  • By far the best Fino Sherry we've tasted, a classic for pairing with all kinds of salty tapas, including Rosy Goat, an irresistable rosemary-coated goat cheese
  • A dry, dark, full-bodied Sherry to pair with everything from roasted pork and turkey to all manner of charcuterie, including tonight's chorizo
  • An incredible, 90-Point Sherry -- far and away the best from our trip to the region -- paired with raw milk manchego layered with quince paste and Marcona almond.

The wines will be presented by Certified Wine Educator Suzanne McGrath, with food pairings presented by Certified Specialist of Wine Katie Park. Plus, you'll receive our informative Sherry chart that helps you unravel the variety of Sherry styles and with what and how to serve them. As usual, the seminar is FREE but space is limited so reservations are required. Visit them ONLINE HERE to learn more or call 703.671.8700 to reserve for Saturday, January 16 at 1 pm.

Curious Grape
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