Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happiness is a Pair of Shorts this Holiday Season

A close family friend, Manuel Diotte,
has spent more than 1,207 days spent in the hospital, gone through 48 surgeries and spent 24 months of chemotherapy and radiation facing life's toughest challenges, yet this holiday season he is embarking on journey to uplift children at hospitals that support cancer research.

When you buy Manue'ls book, Happiness is a Pair of Shorts, he will automatically buy a book too, and then give it away for free to a child or adult in the hospital and/or tithe to a foundation or charity that supports cancer research.

Below is a note from Manuel and I hope you will all support his cause and keep him in your prayers.

As many of you know, I was six when the doctor cut me open. Little did I know I would have surgery every year sometimes twice the same year until I was 38 years old. 3 ½ years of hospital stays, 2 years of chemotherapy and radiation and 48 operations later, I am still sharing courage and hope to others. However, now I am asking you to join me.

For years my “Gift of Hope” program has been the philanthropic arm of my business and now with a new site, and bigger goals for those broken, hurting, and suffering. I am asking my old and new friends to do two things for me.

First, visit my new website and support my vision. My goal is to flood the hospitals with books and gifts for Christmas. I have spent five Christmas in a hospital and the laughter and love that goes on during this time goes a long way. If you never been in a pediatric ward during the holidays, you know what I am talking about. You can’t tell those kids are sick, yet, they are and many seriously.

Second, please share this site with all your friends. With ezines, newsletters, facebook, twitter, and social media, you can really help make me make a BIG difference. I know that will take a little extra time. However, believe me. The difference you make will go a long way. Just read what 16 year old Victoria said, on the site. Please let all your friends know about the project.

I am truly blessed to have friends like you who care and support my work. Thank you for reading this, considering helping me and honoring my journey.

Eternally Grateful,


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