Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DC Charity Spotlight: Hands On DC

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An entirely volunteer-run organization, Hands on DC is in the business of producing transformations. Through projects and community engagement activities, the organization has recruited over 26,000 volunteers to improve the physical condition of more than 100 District public schools. Since its founding in 1994, Hands on DC has sponsored an annual spring Work-a-thon during which volunteers collaborate on over 300 projects at over 30 schools -- laying carpet, painting classrooms, sprucing up playgrounds, building library bookshelves, creating container gardens, and more.

It also works year-round, organizing Special Events Projects to meet the unique needs of individual schools, sponsoring Clean-out Day to clear junk and facilitate the good use of existing space, and creating Parent Resource Centers to encourage family involvement in the education of their children. Extending its dedication to higher education, Hands on DC now raises funds for no fewer than six $6,000 college scholarships per year, selecting public school recipients through a partnership with College Bound. Hands on DC strengthens the bond between students and their classrooms, between communities and schools. Won't you lend a hand?

Hands on DC is an all-volunteer organization, and theydon't have an office, but they do have a number of eager organizers who would love to hear from you. You can reach us by phone, email or mail:


Hands on DC
P.O. Box 57094
Washington, DC 20037-0094If you are interested in volunteering: volunteer@handsondc.org
If you are interested in donating: donate@handsondc.org
If you have questions about the website: webmaster@handsondc.org

$100: glass and graffiti removal at 1 playground;
$500: 10 murals to brighten a student's day;
$1000: divider walls that turn 2 over-sized classrooms into 4

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