Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Party Proofing Your Home this Season

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I've been to endless house parties across the District and seen many a homes, couches, rugs, floors, window coverings and the likes in ruins from clumsy guests. My home is my sanctuary, so the knock down 300 people parties of my college years at my parents house are out of the question. Apartment Therapy DC has the skinny on how you can protect your digs this holiday party season, but here are my two cents:
  • Serve white wines and champagne instead of reds
  • Drape a nice blanket over sofas to capture spills
  • Hire a server or two for the night to grab drinks and plates that linger to long on ledges and tables
  • Invite those who you only care about, they tend to be more careful in your home
  • Serve finger foods and avoid full meals with sauces
  • Recruit one or two friends to stay afterwards and help you clean up or make sure the maid is coming first thing in the a.m.
Check out the full article HERE.

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