Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday Night The Dunes Presents: Until the Grass is Gone

Please join us Friday for a night of powerful photography from a dynamic pair of photojournalists. In the autumn of 2008, Peter van Agtmael and Pete Muller documented emerging dynamics in northern Uganda, a complex and varied region impacted by war, large-scale displacement and poverty.

With twenty years of war at an uncertain end, Uganda's northern Acholi people pursue opportunities to rebuild and reconcile their community amidst ongoing poverty, underdevelopment and political turmoil. At the same time, internal and international focus has shifted towards the northeastern region of Karamoja, where a different tribal community struggles with increasing violence. Each photographer presents captivating images that illustrate daily life, both beautiful and challenging, and present a nuanced picture of the situation in the region.

Together, the work of Muller and van Agtmael captures the vibrancy of culture and strength of communities across northern Uganda while paying respectful homage to its troubled past and the challenges that lie ahead.

Peter van Agtmael is an award-winning photographer who spent much of the last three years covering America’s Wars. Beginning in 2006, he accompanied US military units on tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Photographs and stories from these tours, and time spent with returning war veterans in the US make up his new book, “Second Tour: Hope I Don’t Die.” When not traveling, van Agtmael is based in New York City. He is represented by Magnum Photos.

Pete Muller is a photographer and mixed-media reporter working to document the individual aspects of poverty, war, and social unrest both domestically and internationally. Pete recently returned from northern Somalia, where he documented efforts to minimize gun violence among nomadic groups and in villages with limited rule of law. Muller is based in Washington, DC and Juba, Sudan.

DJ Keenan Orr on the decks
Wine, Champagne and refreshments will be served
$10 suggested contribution

6 p.m. until midnight
Gallery 200
1515 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005

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