Art Whino and WHALER’s Creation present Old Skoolin’ a four city concert and art show tour that brings together the best visual and musical artists to benefit programs that support foster care and adoption programs. Legendary founder of the hip-hop movement DMC of Run DMC, among others will perform old skool, throw back shows true to the roots of the genre. Over 100 of Art Whino’s internationally renowned talents from the underground street art world will be showcasing their old school, 80’s themed creations.

The Portals Theater
1236 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20024
Saturday, Nov 7th
6 p.m.– 12 p.m.
PURCHASE $25 advance tickets HERE, $35 at the door

Exhibit featuring work by 100+ Art Whino Artists
Art Installation by AM RADIO
Special musical performance by: DMC of Run DMC, and others


Adam Russell, Adrian ‘Viajero’ Roman, Alan Defibaugh, Annabelle, Hartmann, Aniekan Udofia, Aryz, Billy Mode, BooksIIII, Brandon Hill, Brent E. Houzenga, Brooke Grucella, Chris Stain, CUTTHROAT, Daniel Barojas, Dave Lowell, Dave MacDowell, Decoy, Downer, Drew Storm Graham, Dust, DSPAG, E.L.K, Ernesto Nasimo


Eric Bailey, Eyeone, Farfk, Frerk, gaNyan, Heather Randell, James Walker, Jazirock, Jef Aerosol, j coleman, Jim ‘Penny’ Penfold’s, Josh Taylor, Justin French, Justin Lovato, Ki Yoon Ko, Koleszar, The Krah, LECKOmio, Joao Lelo , Kenn Munk, Marc C. Woehr, Mark “DARK” Ramos, Mefee


Nate Frizzell, Nils Westergard, Pablo Cristi, Papermonster, Phoneticontrol, Pixielife, Project Detonate, Raudiel Sañudo, Rik Catlow, Robots Will Kill, Ruben Ubiera, Scotch, Sheesh, Skibs, Soule, Stncl.07, Surge, Tika, TMNK, Werc Art Whino Gallery

Art Whino is a DC based art gallery whose mission is to bring together the freshest and rawest talent from around the world. With over 400 artists in the Art Whino arsenal, ranging from California to New York, Germany to Japan and beyond, Art Whino has become an all encompassing force in the art world. Exhibitions cover the whole spectrum of new art forms ranging from exposing emerging stencil and wheat pasting artists to showcasing the most skilled leaders of many different genres. For the Ols Skoolin’ Exhibit 100+ artists have been invited to participate exhibiting one piece each.

WHALER’s Creation

WHALER’s Creation-Foster/Adopted Youth Arts and Media Training (WHALERS) is a non-profit organization with a mission to help build and strengthen families through collaboration, communication, advocacy and outreach by promoting foster care and adoption in the arts and media. Youth are engaged in volunteering in the community as well as developing plays for children in day cares, hospitals, organizations.

WHALER’s Creation-Foster Youth/Adoption Arts and Media Training is a membership organization that works with child welfare organization, non-profits/faith based organizations, judges, attorneys, guardians, foster/adopted parents schools, community organization, local and national businesses, celebrities, and media and arts professionals.


Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

DMC Press Photo 09

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels changed music and made history when he broke down cultural barriers 25 years ago with his legendary band Run-DMC. It would be hard to overstate his influence on popular culture. From the first rap group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone to the first to appear on MTV, to the first to go gold and platinum, Run-DMC impacted the world. 30 million record sales later, and seven years after the untimely death of his bandmate and dear friend Jam Master Jay, DMC still continues to create, inspire and motivate. His critically acclaimed single “Just like Me” featuring Sarah McLaughlin spoke to his new revelation of discovering he was adopted and began his journey down another life path, in search of his birth mother. His struggle was captured in the 2007 Emmy Winning VH1 documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey, giving him tremendous insight and purpose and prompting him to become an advocate for adoption and children in foster care. In between his work as a musician, published author and speaker, DMC co-founded with Sheila Jaffee, the Felix Organization- a nonprofit that works with adoptees and foster children. He’s received numerous awards for his many philanthropic endeavors and his many advocacies for th e Arts and Education, including the Hard Rock’s 2007 Love All Serve All Award. In April 2009 DMC, as a member of Run-DMC, was inducted into the 2009 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. In June 2009 he was one of twenty men invited by President Obama to the White House to address a gathering of youth groups on the merits of responsibility and accountability.

PURCHASE $25 advance tickets HERE, $35 at the door