Tuesday, September 8, 2009

POLITICO Launches CLICK with the Top 50 Party Aninals on the Hill. I think they left a few off the list..........

25 of Washington's biggest party animals.
POLITICO today announced the launch of CLICK - a new lifestyle section online and in print that will serve as the premier destination for news and gossip on Washington D.C.’s social scene.

CLICK editors and reporters – Katherine Lehr, Pia Catton, Anne Schroeder Mullins, Patrick Gavin, Amie Parnes and Kiki Ryan – will provide behind-the-scenes coverage and take-you-there reporting from all the fetes, openings, launch parties, embassy dinners, museum exhibits and more you can stomach.

Readers are also invited to send in their tips, party scoops and photos for possible inclusion on the site at click@politico.com.

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