Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Local this Wednesday with DJ's Gavin Holland and Chris Burns @ Local 16

Local Wednesdays @ Local 16

According to the Washington Post's Going Out Guru's " When DJs Gavin Holland (of DC9's Nouveau Riche) and Chris Burns (Rock & Roll Hotel's Disco City) got together for a jock-jammin' night called Party Bros at Selam a few years ago, they probably didn't expect it to morph into an actual creative outlet with a synth-driven, Daft Punk-esque single called "OooBayBay" and an accompanying video that stars "Free Money" infomercial icon Matt Lesko, a sweet Corvette Stingray, a phlanx of D.C. DJs and friends in swimsuits and a fridge full of PBR. Burns and Holland -- a.k.a. the Party Bros -- hosted a release party for the video at Wonderland last week, and they're teaming up tonight at the weekly Local Wednesday at Local 16."

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