Monday, September 28, 2009

DC Arts Center in Adam's Morgan has a packed October for the District

DC Arts Center is looking forward to a packed fall season! In the month of October alone, their gallery hosts a fantastic exhibition and their intimiate black box theater is bustling with activity.

From the fake-blood-soaked antics of Landless Theater's Evil Dead: The Musical to the engaging post-minimalism of The Poetics Of Material, DCAC makes space this October for a wide variety of artists and the audiences that appreciate them. Not interested in marauding zombies or post-minimalist sculpture?

There's always a Landless-Theater Company presented, late-night performance of
Headscarf and the Angry Bitch, the one-woman show by Zehra Fazal that was the hit of 2009 Capital Fringe Fest, the rhythms of the Young Women Drumming Empowerment Project's Sistas of the Shakedown Tribe, the hilariously neurotic comedy of Sara Benincasa's one-woman show, Agorafabulous or the experimental but also engaging poets of the monthly In Your Ear Poetry Reading.

Click HERE for more details and show dates/times.

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