Friday, August 28, 2009

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I have some serious love for Philadelphia. At least every other month we venture for a weekend trip to the city, a short two and a half hour drive from the District.

I've learned to make the Radisson Plaza Warwick Hotel and Club Quarters my home for the weekend and you can book easily for $100 or so a night and be right in the heart of the city. So I've taken the liberty of giving you all the run down of what my weekends in Philly look like. From restaurants to shops to areas of the city you need to check out. They also have a great website that dishes on all that's happening so check it out HERE and below is my agenda for the perfect weekend getaway.

  • Cupcake Obession? Munch on some treats at Brown Betty Deserts
  • Brunch your favorite meal of the day? Then head to Rouge or Parc off of Rittenhouse Square. Both have outdoor seating, but arrive before noon to snag a coveted spot.
  • Need a little Latin in your life? Venture to the uber trendy Alma Cuban restaurant for amazing mojitos.
  • Wanna get dirty? Devil's Alley has some of the best bar-b-que in town.
  • Sushi feen? Raw is hailed as one of the best sushi spots on the East Coast and has a cool outdoor party and nightlife scene. Also Haru boasts and amazing Philly cheesesteak roll I adore.
  • Think Whole Foods is amazing? Think again, Di Bruno's is a market on steroids.
  • Beer belly? The Yards Brewing Company has daily tastings for your delight.
  • Good ole' bar scene. Check out Triumph Brewing Company.
  • Just need to hear a good DJ? Stroll over to Alfa Bar. Downstairs you'll have a chill bar and upstairs a bit more urban dance floor.
  • Historic preservation? Peep out National Mechanics for a traditional and popular Philly bar.
  • After hours spot? Late night catch a cab to Silk City
  • Hipster feel? Stroll through Northern Liberties for a taste of art galleries, shops, restaurants, bars and amazing loft residences.
  • Upscale shopping more your thing? Drop a wad at Boyd's and stroll across Rittenhouse Square for blocks and blocks of various stores.
  • Vintage shopping obsession? My favorite store in all of Philly is the South Street Antiques Market. From clothes to furniture to priceless jewelry, you'll go ga-ga over your finds.
  • On a budget? Shop at Daffy's downtown for designer deals at a steal.
  • Art galleries your thing? Stroll down North 3rd Street and Market for a number of cool galleries and hip shops.


Joanne said...

Thaks for mentioning the Warwick - actually it is the Radisson Plaza-Warwick and I hope you sign up for goldpoints so maybe your next stay can be free!

Ps - your suggestions of things to do and good eats is right on!

"Jules" said...

Jade: I think you must have been the invisible friend my friend Des and I would tour Philly with back in '07. You hit many of the spots we used to venture out to when we were there for law school. Philly, during the summer, is fab.

Thanks for reminding me.