Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WTF? Tuesday Edition: Michael Jackson’s Charred Hair to be Transformed into Bling Bling

According to Born Rich, the burned hair of Michael Jackson lost during the shooting of Pepsi advertisement in 1984 [video here] will be turned into diamonds. LifeGem, a US-based company known for making high-quality diamonds from the carbon of a loved one’s body as a memorial to his or her life, has unveiled a bizarre plan to produce 10 diamonds from the locks of the late pop legend’s hair to give a few fans a unique way to remember their idol.

The hair was collected by the executive producer of the videograper Ralph Cohen, when the star’s hair was set on fire after a stunt went terribly wrong. He saved this important piece of history for 25 years after which he sold it to John Reznikoff, an avid collector of celebrity and historical hair. Now, Reznikoff has inked a deal with LifeGem to produce an exclusive set of diamonds from a portion of the hair, although the rest will remain in his collection.

The company has previously worked with the collector to create diamonds from Beethoven’s hair in 2007 and one of them was sold for around $200,000 on eBay. The latest collection is also likely to rake in a good amount when it goes on sale.

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