Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday join hoogrrl while you play-live-work @ Solea
Play games and win prizes!
Eat sno-cones and drink cool beverages!

Think of ideas on how a cool live-work space can be used as both a home and workplace!

If your idea wins, you get $500! And the winning idea will be staged in the Solea condo live-work space!

How do you win? By getting all your friends to vote for your idea!

See cool live work space on July 21.
Submit ideas by July 24.
Vote between July 24 and July 31.
Submit and vote at Define Live-Work.

Tuesday, July 21
6 to 8 PM
@ 1405 Florida Avenue, NW

DJ Gold (The Fridge DC).
Ring Toss, Krazy Kans, Big Mouth Toss, and Skeeball.

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