Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Beltway Made My Day this Monday Morning

Recently I read a piece in the Washington Post magazine about a woman who vowed to wear the same black dresss (actually she has 7 of the same for each day of the week) for a full 365 days. I was dumbfounded and thought the idea was ingenious. But sadly, I lost the article, thus never had the opportunity to actually see her day-to-day inspirations on the web, until this morning. I popped open Project Beltway, lead by Rachel Cothran, and she had the skinny on the Uniform Project for her readers. Check out her piece HERE.

You can also donate to the Uniform Project any of your accessories or hand-made items for her to wear. Coming from someone who does six loads of laundry once a month and just dropped off 15 items to the dry cleaners this a.m., I'm amazed by the
Uniform Project and wonder, "Could I wear the same dress all dolled up every day?" Lucky I don't have to find out.

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