Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday Meshelle & Cathal Armstrong bring Sirens for Seals to the District. Save the Date for July 21st

On May 20th, women in the restaurant industry and their children gathered for a portrait at The Lincoln Memorial. This shot, entitled Sirens for the Seals is be the fete’s invitation and calling card. It is a captivating, black and white photo of women chefs and restaurateurs who have signed the boycott pledge, with their children holding stuffed baby seals. The women, dressed in white, were photographed while extending one hand, outstretched in a ‘stop!’ position. The hands are colored red, making the strong visual statement.

The plight of the harp seals has Meshelle & Cathal Armstrong seeing red. Long among the area’s most vital leading proponents of local farms, humanely treated animals and the community, both Meshelle and her husband Chef Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve, The Majestic, Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper and PX have partnered with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), along with Ellen and Chef Todd Gray of Equinox to throw a fete that will assist the HSUS to bring attention to the Protect Seals campaign, and to honor the participants of the Canadian seafood boycott. Washington, D.C, will be the launch city for this event, which will be taken nation-wide.

On July 21, from 3 to 5:30 at the hot new glam spot, Policy (1904 14th Street,, whose theme: "truth, love and liberty," scribbled elegantly on their walls, screams of the cause. DC chefs and restaurateurs will gather for the private event entitled In Our Hands.

Policy will open to the public at 5:30, offering guests a chance to meet the chefs. The entire evening, a portion of the percentage of cocktails sold at the venue will be donated to the HSUS, and an oversized petition will be available to guests to sign to show their support. RSVP's are required and must be confirmed at

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