Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dissident Display Opening this Weekend with Words, Beats & Life: The Sickness 3

The other day I popped in at Dissident to say hello to the boys before I headed over to H Street Country Club. I just happened to walk in and catch a glimpse of artist-in-residency, Aniekan Udofia's amazing unfinished works that he has prepared for this weekend's opening show.

As the result of a one-month pilot Artist-in-Residency program, Words Beats & Life and Dissident Display present new works by one of DC's finest artists, inspired by hip-hop culture, comic books, and magazine illustrations. If you're familiar with Aniekan's work, this is unlike anything you have ever seen. Don't take our word for it, come see for yourself!

"Art imitates life, but life imitates TV," says Aniekan Udofia quoting singer/songwriter, Ani DiFranco. The intense visual works in The Sickness 3 reflect the artist's unforgettable social and political commentary, and will be on display and for sale at the gallery.

The show is co-curated by two of my fav DCers, Fred Joiner and Adrian Loving, and is part of the 2009 2nd annual national teach-in, Remixing the Art of Social Change: a Hip-Hop Approach.

Admission is FREE FOR TEACH-IN REGISTRANTS and all events over the June 12-14 weekend (including The Sickness 3) are $10 for entry to a single event. Pay at the door. REGISTER HERE.

JUST ANNOUNCED! DJ 2-Tone Jones on the 1's and 2's all night long. Sick.

Go to Remixing The Art of Social Change

For more information, visit or call (202) 667-1192.

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