Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you from the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative!
Many thank you’s to the more than 150 DCers who came out to the Source Theatre last night for ART BUZZ.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Ora Nwabueze from the Dunes, Cher Castillo from Senate Realty, DJ Will Eastman, Maria Bryk (our photog), Veronica Pecnik (our bartender), the DC Collaborative staff (Varissa, Kendall, Cynthia and LaTasha) and the many more who helped to make this event a success.

But the most thanks goes to the seven amazing artists who shared their work with us and brought visual delight to the event.

Continue to support our photographers from last night and visit them at:

Patrick Ryan -
Kelly Thornton -
Nicole Wolf -
Ernesto Santalla -
Liliane Blom -
Mary Clark Gaston -
Katharine Hauschka -

Each of you took home a copy of DJ Will Eastman’s ART BUZZ remix CD last night, but you can also download HERE.

I also hope you made plenty of new contacts and connections with DC’s creative community. Art Buzz is about showcasing fabulous DC area artists, while bringing attention to the need for DC students to have the arts and humanities as a central part of their public education.

So many thanks to you all and keep up with us by joining our Facebook group HERE.

Stay tuned for our sixth installation coming this Fall. Prost! Jade Floyd

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