Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LE Freak makes Going out Guru's in the Post Today

From today's Going Out Guru's in the Washington Post.

"As any good southern girl knows, you're not supposed to wear white before Memorial Day. (Not like any of understand why, but we still know you're not supposed to.) To mark the fashion shift into summer colors, Le Freak and local blog D.C. This Week are offering two hours of free champagne to anyone who wears a white outfit to Metropolitain tonight. DJ Will Eastman
spins house, disco and club music in the cozy Europhile lounge from 8 to 1, and the free drinks will be offered from 8 to 10. With that kind of deal -- and free admission -- the bar is likely to hit capacity earlier than usual, so look fashionable, but don't be fashionably late."

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